The Undeniable Fact About Jerky of the Month Club That No-one Is Letting You Know

What is Jerky of the Month Club?

With Jerky of the Month club you will receive 1, 3, 6 or 12 shipments of seriously delicious and highly-rated premium beef jerky in surprise flavors of every kind. Great for a gift! Gift it for mothers day, fathers day, christmas, thanksgiving, etc. it’s the best beef jerky of the jerkies and you’ll be able to try something and love it. Opt for monthly deliveries of the best jerky subscription box ever, LolJerky lets you purchase a product after clicking on any of their jerky options. Get your jerky and you’ll be prompted to enter your billing information, shipping is free for every order too. The one issue we always ran up against is what to eat first. What is inside the Jerky of The Month Club? The simple answer is that you, don’t really know, all you know is that you get beef jerkey that you wouldn’t normally have access to i.e. beef jerky that you cannot get in the store. Go to to learn more about Jerky of the Month Club.

Why Beef Jerky Subscription Box?

The further along I got to thinking about it the more I realized that this inexpensive subscription is one of my favorite subscriptions. They hand pick and deliver gourmet beef jerky flavors made from American hatched and farm raised animals. Each month you will begin by selecting how much it costs starting from $9 a month. ONE THING, if you’re averse to spicy foods, this might not go well in search of your new exotic kinds of jerky to try. Maybe you can just give it away – maybe.

Searching high and low for the BEST OF THE BEST of the Jerky of the Month Club? Look no further than LolJerky it is healthiest artisan jerky ever. It is rare to find good grassfed brands of jerky where I live, so having a month club deliver straight to my door is convenient and I don’t plan on cancelling anytime soon.