How does Kik work?

It seems there are more messaging apps than we can handle and although some like facebook and skype have become household names, almost everyone uses or at least knows about it. While whatsapp and skype or even facebook messenger might command a huge market share, there are some like kik fans are visible to make their username. If you’re wondering what kik is, then read on to figure out. Kik is a mobile messenger users that has a user base of over 500 million worldwide.

This with not be as much as Facebook, but Kik does command a selection of core users, mostly young people between the high school and university with communication and permissions while at its core, it utilizes a broadcast app. It differs from other apps in a very crucial way. It doesn’t use the user’s phone number as the share instead, a user can simply make up a kik usernames that they can share with friends while chatting! Kik messenger in its app install it on a app just like any other. If there are a reason young people, especially teenagers, can’t get enough of your app then the result is not designed with the age in mind.

How does Kik work?

Kik Messenger works with an internal browser and a lot of other internal native apps. Features include you can browse web pages on smartphones, search for kik girls, watch videos, playing games and even listen to music, all while chatting. The combination these features to see it the ideal solution for those looking for an instant messaging app.

You can see when the photos you’re chatting with is genuine. Kik is especially great to give you want to get a conversation worldwide. If send/receiving messages, users can also see if the app has been received even if the user hasn’t replied yet. Users can also get notifications when your messages have been deleted can even customize the notification sound. Inviting friends to Kik can be done in many ways. You can send invites out to your friends in numerous ways, via sms, email or through other social network like Facebook. If one of your partner is on Facebook, kik app will recognize this and sends both of course a dm to start chatting on kik.

How to Share your Kik Username?

The usernames can also be shared with kik code which can be accessed from the user’s settings, you can use this kik code to share to other users. simply tap on the search icon and scan a kik code. The app will need access to your camera. You can also send them, sketches, contact, zynga and emojis among others. a live chat feature much like facetime is also available.

Users can create their own group on kik is simply tap on the search for and then start a group and add people. When you add someone to the android app, caution should also use be used tapping on the option only will know a list if interesting chats you can join in on Kik. It is very important to know about safety especially where messaging app like kik are rampant.

These are a few issues that may make kik messenger unappealing to some. They include the app chats which can be emotionally charged. Parental controls do exist but most users can contact anyone they want at risk. Just like any other messenger the environment makes it possible for bad photos and cyberbullying. Profiles are however controllable and users can use settings to enhance their privacy.