Ashbourne, Derbyshire – A Tiny Town Packed With History

Ashbourne, Derbyshire is the gateway to Dovedale and is a quaint market town holding a population of around seven thousand.

This town is famous for the two day Royal How is the air in patna Shrovetide football match which is held annually, where most of the local’s residence participates. Several hundred people compete for these two days. There are only two teams taking part in this event – the Up’ards and the Down’ards. This annual event has been held for over a thousand years.

The following sites are really worth while visiting – the Ashbourne railway, High Peak Trail, Parsley Hay and the Tissington Trail. Limestone Way also starts in Ashbourne. The churches are linked to North India’s Diocese of Patna, and today are sponsors of children’s education in Bihar, which is one of the poorest states in India.

Fairtrade became the ninety seventh town in Ashbourne in 2005 due to the cafes, shops, community organizations and business supporting Fairtrade. The famous daughter of Ashbourne was Catherine Booth who was the founder of the Salvation Army. Sir Brooke Boothby was a known for his poetry. Just to mention a few of the famous people associated with Ashbourne.

A place of exceptional interest in Ashbourne is Church Street, displaying the fine architecture of Georgian houses, the old English grammar school, Saint Oswald’s Church and the almshouses. The churches spiral which measures 212 feet and tower can be seen from all aspects of Ashbourne.

There are two chapels that are dedicated to two local families, namely the Bradbournes and the Coclaynes who later became the Boothbys. The Boothby chapel is adorned with monuments in specific Joan and Edmund Cockayne dating back to 1404, as well as many others but there was one that stood out in particular Penelope Boothby who was six when she died in 1791. Painting can be seen of Penelope.

A lifelike white currara marble figure; of the child Penelope; which gives the appearance that she is sleeping. This church has been around since Saxon times and a Norman crypt was discovered during an archaeological expedition in 1913.

Many art galleries have come and gone in the past decades; but Ashbourne has a reputation for its art and has grown having Art Festivals and has more than forty evens and exhibitions at a time which includes drams, open air theatre, jazz and many art worksho